Stacey & Andy : : Engagement

21 10 2009

Tuesday night was a beautiful night to spend some time with Stacey and Andy shooting their engagement pictures at Ann Morrison Park.  The Fall colors were awesome and we had a blast walking around the park.  Unfortunately, the ending was a little embarrassing…well…for me!  We said our goodbyes in the parking lot and I hopped in my Jeep, turned the key, and…nothing.  Yup, my Jeep was not starting.  So as Stacey and Andy were still driving across the parking lot, I hesitantly called Andy and asked if he had jumper cables, which, unfortunately, he did not.  Luckily, they knew someone who could give me a tow, so we called him and everything was taken care of.  Turns out the battery was just about to die and actually completely died today at the shop.  Thankfully it was just the battery and nothing more serious.  Anyway, Stacey and Andy, you both will have an extra treat waiting for you when you come see your engagement pictures!  Here are just a few shots from our time together.




2 responses

25 10 2009
Cyndee Wanyonyi

Great job, Greg! Love that last shot – super cute and creative :).

5 11 2009
Brandon M Sweet

I really love the first photograph in this series. Wonderful photography Greg!

-Brandon M Sweet

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